Potentials and Crap

It's been over a year since i decided to create a blog and yeah *drum rolls* BOOM! I did it!

Well, given the hectic schedule in school and life in general, I don't have the luxury of time to do an update every now and then. I admit that my pace is kinda slow on this thing.

My Apologies.

Looking back, I reread everything I wrote and it gave me chills. Seriously.

Aside from grammatical errors, which I simply shrugged off  (go ahead and apply as my editor), I was astounded by the fact that those dreadful emotions that seemed to consume me a long time ago had died within d/t natural cause.

"Some relationships have an expiration date" (from How I Met Your Mother, the greatest show on earth, yeah! awesome!) 
Somehow, the summer when I was 21 was one of the most epic, wildest summer so far. This year's summertime I don't have any idea what lies ahead. 

I'm not the type of person who keeps a checklist of everything. I like being random and spontaneous. It brings out the best in me. This is one of the most vital lessons I've learned throughout this one heck of a roller coaster ride, DO YOUR BEST IN EVERYTHING.

It doesn't matter whether it's big or small. Circumstances remain as is. And in real life, the smallest stuff usually does the largest impact.

It is inevitable to create a mistake. These problems exist for a reason. As beings of imperfection, these intricacies in life bring about improvement. 

I love to write, it brings out my inner Goddess. I don't restrict myself to one thing or another. I'm pretty flexible. 

Versatile is my middle name. 

Jack of all trades.

Master of none.

However, I cannot be like this forever. And so are you.

There are so many potentials, so many paths carved along the way, so many detours, so many dead ends. 

I don't if this is fortunate or the other way around.

But I'm certain of one thing...

My body clock is defective. I need a reset. 

It is summer. Time to enjoy under the sun.
But most of the time, I'm asleep during the day and I'm awake during the night.
I'm being nocturnal. 

So help me, Forces of the Universe.

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