Being Random and Ninja

If I were to live in an alternative universe, I would’ve been a white cloaked ninja. It is a term I used to refer to medical ninja.

I’ve never seen myself as a princess or a damsel in distress. I am quite the opposite.  I could conceive it picturesquely in the depths of my imagination. I’ve always wanted to jump on roofs, throw shurikens, mimicry, walk in shadows, do errands, save lives, etc.

Well, I just wanted to serve my own master - myself. I can be the most loyal and faithful but I can also do the opposite. It depends, really. One cannot stay in one place for long.  Everything always goes to a certain degree of disorderliness. Entropy.
Everybody claims to be random. When in fact, the most random persons are not really aware that they are actually random.

In the end, it is just a matter of perspective.

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Anonymous said...

a kunoichi~

but now I think you are a damsel in distress


Cj Fox said...

everybody's a damsel in distress...well I think so

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