Word Prison

Words were spoken out of spite
And moonlit glimmered in your eyes
How could it be so wrong when it felt so right?
We succumbed in this feeling we could no longer fight
Was it Like? Love? Lust? Affection?
That we let it grew in a sinistrorse fashion
Looking back I stepped ahead
I mistook the emotion was dead
It was neither rhyme nor verses be
That could describe the false piety

I never meant to daunt anybody but it seemed that the bitterness sipped in my nerves and consumed every fiber in my being. The rest of the summer was spent recollecting oneself and mending heart breaks. It was never easy to let go.
I looked into the eyes of my elders, I was assured then – I was not alone. I was never alone. It wasn’t late until I fully understand the love that only a family could give.
I gave myself a pat on the back and said “You are loved. You are never alone. You will never be alone.”
It was only a matter of time. It was better late than never. 

Move on. Keep moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone.

I have always believe that no man is an island.

Well even if it is so, every island is a part of a continent, a part of the main.

I believe that to survive in this world, YOU NEED AT LEAST ONE MORE PERSON.



No matter how high your vanity is...

No matter what rationalization you use as a defense mechanism...

No matter how you pity yourself...

You are just confused.

Blinded and bereft of stimuli.

"Longing for a xenomorphic solution."

In reality there is just you, sulking, unable to see that there are people around you; people who love you. You are just too preoccupied or confused to see them.

You were never alone. And you have always been loved.

You just have to see beyond all these crap.

*pats head*

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