Lost in track

I need a chicken soup for the restless soul and a capsule of calmness for the fidgety mind.

I got to admit that I’m a little sick of medicine. It’s not that because I lack the drive to study or my motivation died out on me. I’m not quite certain as to how this kind of illness originated and ultimately metastasized in the depths of my whole system.

What’s the problem?

What has gone wrong?

There’s time and there’s me – waiting in vain but sulking more in misery.

A load of lecture transcriptions wait for my attention and in depth scrutiny but I’m here, tapping these letters and creating words out of vice and out of mind. My sanity’s intact and I am apparently breathing in 21% oxygen of mixed air. Okay, reality check. My insight’s still good. I’m completely normal.

All I have to do is to let this out of my system. Otherwise, this poison will leave me intoxicated in the edges of frustration and impassivity.

I like to meddle with letters and get tangled in words as I pry in the wilderness of my suffocated thoughts. It’s a little perverted but in the alternate universe I assume the lifestyle of a rock star ninja with boots and corsets as the skeletons in my closet.

In the middle of exams, I couldn’t help but day dream and spend a handful of minutes in the world I don’t apparently belong.

Okay, what’s next?

Take a deep breath as I get lost in the rhythm of life’s harmony. Where the wind blows next is not for me to tell.

What’s the plan now?




This is the life of a medical student.
Live the dream.

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