dances and trances

Everyone is a dancer. We dance and glide to the rhythm of life’s melodies. We execute figures and poses to the beat of time. Yes, indeed. The world is our dance floor.

My third year in medical school has already started. I reminisce the days when I stay up late at night during my freshman year to study Biochemistry and all I did was to throw curses to the universe for making my life miserable. In the end, I realize that there’s no such thing as “wasted time.”

I’ve lived a very comfortable life. I’m lucky and fortunate enough to experience many of the most beautiful things in the world. Hence, for some people, my reasons aren’t deeply rooted as well as my determination. Furthermore, my lifestyle can attest to that.

I’m not some extraordinary person or a prodigal child or the likes of them. I’m plain. I’m very normal. However, the fact that I am in med school is something that divides me among the rest of my peers. 

I’m 22, studying a post-graduate course and single. Whilst, most of my friends are working, earning, in a relationship and pretty much doing the fun phase of having a salary and without dwelling much in books and ceaseless soul searching. My youth is fleeting and I admit that I am not making the most out of it.

To whatever degree it may seem, everybody has the opportunity but only a few take full advantage of it. Well, I am trying and that’s where mediocrity is imbibed.

Somehow, these past few days I couldn’t help but reconcile with my “child self.” I’ve grown up filled with dreams and ambitions and I’ve been very passionate about things that I liked doing. But there always this Dark Age in one’s life when everything seems to fail and the most important things don’t matter anymore.  

Don’t lose hope!

It only takes a matter of time and plenty of effort to get back on track.

I did mention about soul searching, did not I?

Well, I have been imposing it every time I write or scribble down words on my notepad. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to write. I’m not an expert in technicalities about grammar and language and the use of thesaurus always amazes me every time.

What has become of me?

I’m a work in progress, a doctor-in-the-making.

Also, I'm a dancer. I groove to the tune of Medicine. 

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