Hopes and Horizons

There's one thing about being single that I find fascinating - the joyride of endless possible love affairs. If you're the type who hunts and loves being hunted, then you will surely enjoy the long pile of men hovering over you. It's very flattering to have suitors who bend and break necks just to hold hands with you and be the future bride-to-be. Oops I think I got that one overrated. 

But, halt! Think and reflect.

Is that what it takes to have that womanly pride resurrect from the bleachers of the heartbreak wonderland?

Old lover comes back anew and old friends cling onto that tiny spark of hope to escape the friend zone and move on to the next level with you. It's reality, speaking. There's a lot of options but that's all there are. "Options."

If I were the love crazed teenager who I used to be a few years ago, I'd readily jump into one relationship to another with different man, in a different genre in the game of love and chase. Truth is, I am getting old and weary of these silly games that I want to end up sulking in the corner, alone with my shadow that's dancing in melancholy.

The rhythm is not the same as before. People grow old but not all of them have the courage to stand out and grow up and get out of the realm of comfort zone. 

I WANT THE REAL THING. Everybody hopes for the real thing in the right time with the right person. 
Hence, I stopped pretending and moved on without really expecting anything. I just wanted life to surprise me.

And that's it! 

One thing that's funny about life is that it is full of surprises. When you stopped searching for what you are looking for, the forces of the universe conspire to yield the answer before your very eyes.

I cut down the anchor that's holding me back and took a step forward. I'm brave and eager and I have my eyes set in positivism.

Then, you came into my life. I'm glad I found you.

I like you. I really do. I even think I'm in love with you. I don't know. I'm just so into you. 

Let me glide into your rhythm. I like how this is going.
The slower things get. The harder I'm falling for you.  

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