as I wear my glasses

I've had an encounter with the optic disc today, yey! for the first time! 
I'm overjoyed, srsly. I am more determined to have that MD written after my last name. 

It's difficult but I'll get there, someday. :)  
I'm striving hard to accomplish my duties as an aspiring doctor and these simple joys in my training will be remembered forever.

One step at a time
learn from other's mistakes
 'cause the wisdom of the elders are absolute 
young as you are should know better that
 history need not to be repeated
what's done is done so make no room for regrets

time is an essential tool, therefore, 
harvest the knowledge of the present
use it as a reference for the future 
and when the present becomes past
you'll meet the past you in reminiscence with a smile 
and at the end of the day, you're unlike anybody else
'cause you're awesome 
and your legend will change the world

musings...endless musings...
I'll just pretend that the city lights are stars
and that the pillow beside me is YOU
then we'll study Pathology together
'cause my heart got infected with your love

I'd rather marry my books than be left again hanging in the open - with fangs of desecration buried deep in my skin as you treated like a pathogen. don't fret, don't glare, don't avoid - 'cause you've already excreted me out of your system. Oh yeah, "thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great" (by FOB ♥)

It sucks to be a forever-alone-hopelessly-romantic-med-student and your teachers share about tidbits of their love story in med school. 

Hi there, hell week! We meet again! 

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