Puking Rainbows

I was never the overtly optimistic person. 
In fact, I'm on the opposite page.
It hurts when you're not able to get a grasp of that one thing that you really yearned for
Well, oftentimes the world works just like that. 
Shit happens. It is an inevitable fact.
That's why it always amazes me how other people have a good grip of their reality and move on without showing any signs of difficulty. Well, maybe I'm over generalizing things again.
But still...how can people be so positive? so hopeful? so excited over the unknown?

I really really had a fucked up day and all I wanted to have someone to talk to |who also feel my pain|...wishful thinking.

"And I try to realize
That I needn't look any further
the whole of the universe
Is plain to see
And I try not to rely
On another world or the future
The whole of the universe is a mystery
[Duncan Sheik - Wishful Thinking]

When the world seems to come to an end and everything is so messed up...all I really want to do is to puke rainbows. How about you?

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Anonymous said...

superlike minus the f word~

may pnaghuhugutan to ah...XD


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