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As long as I could recall, I’ve always been an achiever. 
In return, I always get what I want. I was privileged enough to study away from home during college. 
That was the greatest transition of my life. 
From goody-two-shoes I decided to become a happy-go-lucky-study-hard-party-harder type.  
It didn’t end up that I graduated in flying colors. It’s okay, it was my choice anyway. I never regretted anything. Well, maybe, I tend to forget about my regrets along the way. 

With satisfactory grades, I attended one of the country’s prime medical schools.  And now, I’m a freshman with five weeks left to finish the annual curriculum. 
STATUS: Okay lang. Indifferent. Ordinary. But I’m definitely NOT BORED.

I realized that to be a doctor is not just a dream; it will soon be my reality. Brimming with passion and desire? Nah. I don’t think so. BUT I HAVE TO. I NEED TO. IT IS A MUST. 

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was to travel the world and explore its wonders. I found joy in everything around me. I wanted to go to places undiscovered and indulge on the unknown. My thirst for quest was so overwhelming, it even bothered me. But I lacked the resources. I was not even rich to start with and I was fully aware that traveling was quite expensive. However, here I am, digging my books for answers “WHY”. The human body is smaller than the places in my mind but it is far more complicated.

“Doctor” – sounds cozy and rich and intellectual. Now, why did I end up in medschool? 
Maybe because…
…I have so much faith in my capabilities that I can survive the challenges ahead
…I think this is the only job that I’ll be really good at
…my family wanted me to be
…I don’t want to end up in poverty
…I can’t imagine myself working in other places aside from the hospital/clinic
…there’s a lot already but only a few are competent in this field
…to have a good understanding of the human body *winks
…this will be my stepping stone to reach my other dream – to travel the world
…to wear the white cloak and be a hot, sexy, skilled doctor
…to find cure to sickness
…to help a lot of people and bring more smiles
…to heal the world

A dozen of reasons is enough to keep me going. The semester is near to its end but I still feel that I am lacking something. PRESSURE. I have to undergo yet another great transition and that is to revert back to Miss goody-two-shoes. Nah, just kidding. Why will I go back when all I wanted to do in my life is to keep moving forward?! Answer?
Skip the beat and turn the heat on. 

Wake up Little Miss Sunshine. Time will not pause for your whining, you have to collect yourself and move on. So I have to change everything - attitude, time management, discipline, etc. from now on, you have to be a  BETTER PERSON and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. 

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doctor doctor I am sick~


to heal the world...rofl~XD

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