Cynical Love Affair

Here I go again…poring over my thoughts
I don’t know how it’s like…
Or how it used to be..
In love…such a cliché
The topic of ages
Something that’s so powerful
Something that makes you feel good
I wonder
Why love when you’re still empty?
Why love when you’re still in misery?
Isn’t it just and right to fix yourself up before anything else?
I don’t know.
If only I could just let these feelings drive me…
Lead me to you…
And consume me…
But life doesn’t work out that way
It’ll just burden us
It’ll just make us crazy
It’ll just make us cry
Because love is something that I can’t comprehend
I can grasp any scientific sense in the world
but I failed at understanding what should be understood
about love…about you.
I used to be cynic about destiny
Because life is all about the choices we make
Right now, you fill up my senses
You’re drowning me in mystery
You’re making me feel more alive than ever
You’re saving me from myself
You’re driving me crazy…

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