nothing good happens after 2 am

it's past 2 am and the most productive thing I've done so far is...highlighting.
I'm barely reading these transcriptions and I haven't totally finished even one of them.

Okay, so I'm living less like a med student, but hey! I do study and its fun. and my grades aren't that so bad. Okay, so I've got a very good reason why I like to de-stress myself...

I am so distracted with these rumbling thoughts and ideas that occupied my mind for weeks now.
I know I should prioritize my studies but sometimes, I really have to give time to muster my inner strength and appease my spirit. 

What's bothering me, you may ask. Well...I don't know. I really don't.
Maybe, nothing's really bothering me. I just like the idea of being bothered over something.
Quit the blah-blah shit.

Okay, so something is bothering me. and the fuck, it's all about these long term decisions.
Dude, I hated it. Why did I shift my traditional facebook template to some lame timeline format?! random stuff.trip to memory lane. FTW!...too much swearing.

who cares, tch. 

one of the best things about being a wallflower is that you can rant all you want in your blog and anybody could care less. At least, you can mask a stupid part of yourself and you won't waste the night feeling stupid.
well, i kinda feel stupid. but I slept the night away so...literally, my early morning is wasted.

I should clear my mind. A must. Maybe I should practice yoga, to achieve inner peace.
but the early sessions draw me in deep slumber. I'm very good at sleeping btw. 

I've thought about life in general and I realize I've been thinking about it since time immemorial. 
I've lived a pretty awesome life. I'm ready to die anytime. :) but I prefer to die later in life, my husband-to-be hasn't met me yet, so.

I'm taking my time to live my life. You should DO it now or never. 

Second chances don't exist. This one chance and the other are two different moments in different times.

The past couldn't be better than the present or the future 'cause what's done is done.
You should at least expect that the upcoming events in life are harder than you've imagined 'cause at this point, you leveled up. Be happy about it.

Smile a lot. Frown a little.
You're human, Be reasonable.

Okay, so that eased me off quite a bit. Back to business. 
Time to heed my books and change the world.

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