I just turned 21
I really have no idea what to do with my life now that I'm LEGALLY legal. 
There's a lot of things to do, they say. but I DEFINITELY have NO IDEA.
To start things up, I look younger than my age. That is...I'm petite. and. the face and body says so too.
I'm quite weird, quirky, and smart-mouthed. I'm not into things people like most of the time. 
Hence, I am NON-CONFORMIST. I just love being UNIQUE. Since birth, I guess.
I used to plan back then, but it seems so boring that I even ended up messing around. 
All my life I've been good but then...yeah, what the hell?!
I'm 21, of legal age, young adult and the prime years of life has started.
This is a new chapter of my life. 
I'll treasure each and every grain of the sands of time, that is..."Live life to the fullest"
All of us did mistakes in the past, but hey...
"Keep moving forward"

A new adventure is just about to begin. 

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Anonymous said...

legally legal??? baka legally an adult...hahaha

ikaw ba yan sa pic???


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